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Table 1. Case characteristics, timeline and outcome

From: Ocular complications with the use of radium-223: a case series

Patient Characteristics Timing of ocular symptoms Presentation Formal diagnosis Treatment Resolution
1 74 M, G9 (4 + 5), ATM and BRAF mutations, cardiac comorbidities, bilateral cataracts and bilateral ocular hypertension, prior Ra-223 treatment 2 weeks after first cycle of Ra-223 Bilateral blurry vision Anterior uveitis, hyphema of the left eye Prednisolone acetate 1% 4× daily, atropine 1% daily and brimonidine 0.2% daily Bilateral anterior uveitis and left eye hyphema resolved within 2 months
2 78 M, G9 (4 + 5), history of right eye strabismic amblyopia, bilateral macular drusen, bilateral narrow angles; no genetic pathologic mutations 1 week after first cycle of Ra-223 Monocular blurry vision Posterior capsular opacification (PCO) with stable drusen Laser capsulotomy (underlying PCO unlikely related to Ra-223) Partial improvement in blurry vision
3 74 M, G7 (4 + 3), history of mild cognitive impairment; concurrent use of enzalutamide 48 hours after first cycle of Ra-223 Bilateral blurry vision Normal eye exam None Blurry vision stabilized after 2 weeks