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Table 1 Chemokines in radiation response

From: The roles of CC chemokines in response to radiation

  Cell types Producer (stimulator) Recipient/signaling type (receptor) Physiological effects Reference
CCL2 Normal cell Human pulmonary AEC cells Autocrine (CCR4) Lung fibrosis [42]
Normal cell (Myo)fibroblasts Neutrophiles Liver damage [49]
Normal cell Irradiated brain(not specific) Microglial CNS injury [48]
Cancer cell A549, H157 Macrophage Tumor promoting [35]
Cancer cell Mouse pancreatic cancer cell lines Inflammatory monocytes and macrophages Radioresistance [36]
Cancer cell HT1080, MPNST724, SK-LMS1,SW684 Th1/Tc1 T cells Tumor control [38]
Cancer cell TC1 cells Monocytes and CCR2(+) regulatory T cells Radioresistance [39]
Cancer cell MC38, LLC cells CCR2(+) MDSC Radioresistance [37]
Cancer cell CNE2, HONE1, SUNE2 cells Cancer cell Radioresistance, metastasis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition [40]
CCL3 Normal cell Irradiated lung tissue (not specific) CCR1(+) CD4 and CD8 T cells, and macrophages Radiation-induced lung injury [60]
Normal cell Human conduit arteries Not specific Cardiovascular disease after irradiation [61]
CCL5 Normal cell Human pulmonary AEC cells Autocrine (CCR4) Pulmonary fibrosis [42]
Normal cell Endothelial cells CCR5(+) hematopoietic cells Hematopoietic regeneration [80]
Cancer cell Eca109, Kyse150 cells Macrophages Cellular Metastasis [72]
Cancer cell Mesenchymal stem cells CCR5(+) macrophages Lung Metastasis [73]
Cancer cell A549, H157 cells Macrophage Tumor promoting [35]
Cancer cell B16 cells CD8+ T cell Tumor control [76]
CCL8 Normal cell Irradiated lung tissues (not specific) Macrophage Lung metastasis [86]
Normal cell Irradiated hippocampal (not specific) Not specific Cognitive impairments [47]
CCL11 Normal cell Pericryptal alpha-SMA(+) cells CCR3(+) Eosinophil Radiation-induced intestinal fibrosis [97]
Normal cell Irradiated skin Eosinophil Radiation-induced skin injury [94]
Normal cell Dermal fibroblasts Eosinophil Eosinophilia [96]
Normal cell Endothelial cells Not specific Radiation-induced brain tissue damage [95]
CCL20 Cancer cell LLC cells DC, lymphocytes Tumor control [102]
CCL22 Normal cell Human NPC cell lines, patient-derived tumor xenograft tumors CCR4(+) CD8 T cell Tumor control [106]
Normal cell Irradiated lung tissues(not specific) Alveolar lymphocytes and alveolar macrophages Radiation pneumonitis/pulmonary fibrosis [101]