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Table 3 Whole pelvis radiotherapy dosimetric parameters

From: Safety of accelerated hypofractionated whole pelvis radiation therapy prior to high dose rate brachytherapy or stereotactic body radiation therapy prostate boost

Organ Parameter (Gy) Parameter (equivalent at 1.8 Gy per fraction) Median volume (IQR) Median % of total organ volume (IQR)
Bowel V44 D54 Gy 0 cc (0–0.01 cc)  
Bowel V32.4 D40 Gy 156 cc (100–216 cc)  
Bladder V37.8 D45 Gy 29 cc (20–49 cc) 17% (13–21%)
Rectum V37.8 D45 Gy 5 cc (3–9 cc) 7% (4–10%)