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Table 3 Summary of recurrence events after CRT

From: Endoscopic resection as an independent predictive factor of local control in patients with T1bN0M0 esophageal squamous cell carcinoma treated with chemoradiotherapy: a retrospective study

Treatment RT field Dose (Gy) Primary tumor site Recurrence site RFS (month) Salvage treatment
dCRT ENI 59.4 Lt Local 7.1 ESD
dCRT IFI 60 UtMtLt Local 7.2 ESD
dCRT ENI 59.4 Mt Local 8.2 ESD
dCRT ENI 48.6 Mt Local 18.9 BSC
dCRT ENI 59.4 Mt LN (in field) 26.6 Chemotherapy
dCRT ENI 59.4 Ut Local 31.8 BSC
dCRT ENI 59.4 MtLt Local 47.5 ESD
dCRT IFI 65 Mt LN (in field), Pleura 58.8 Chemotherapy
dCRT ENI 59.4 LtMt Local 63.7 ESD
dCRT ENI 59.4 Lt Local 76.7 ESD
ER-CRT ENI 40 Mt Lung 1.4 Local resection of lung
ER-CRT ENI 39.6 Mt LN (out of field) 13.1 Chemotherapy
ER-CRT ENI 28 Lt LN (in field) 15.3 Surgery
ER-CRT ENI 40 Mt LN (in field) 22.5 Surgery
ER-CRT ENI 50.4 Mt Local 29.3 ESD
ER-CRT ENI 50.4 Mt LN (in field) 31.0 Chemotherapy
ER-CRT ENI 39.6 Lt Local 43.2 ESD
ER-CRT ENI 50.4 Mt Local 52.2 ESD
  1. CRT chemoradiotherapy, RT radiotherapy, RFS recurrence-free survival, dCRT definitive CRT, ENI elective nodal irradiation, ESD endoscopic submucosal dissection, IFI involved field irradiation, LN lymph node, BSC best supportive care, ER-CRT combined endoscopic resection and CRT