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Table 2 Overview of applied TCP and NTCP models

From: Investigating the potential of proton therapy for hypoxia-targeted dose escalation in non-small cell lung cancer

Model Type Endpoint References
TCP EUD Tumor control Okunieff et al. [22], Chaikh and Balosso [23]
NTCP Sigmoid Symptomatic radiation pneumonitis Appelt et al. [24]
NTCP LKB Radiation pneumonitis (grade ≥ 2) Tucker et al. [25]
NTCP Logistic Severe acute esophagitis (grade ≥ 2) Huang et al. [26]
NTCP Logistic Acute esophageal toxicity (grade ≥ 2) Wijsman et al. [27]
NTCP LKB Radiation induced esophagitis (grade ≥ 2) Wang et al. [28]
NTCP Relative seriality Death due to heart failure Gagliardi et al. [29]
  1. One TCP and six NTCP models were chosen based on multi-institutional cohorts, external validation and treatment modality. LKB: Lyman-Kutcher-Burman model, EUD: Equivalent uniform dose model