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Table 2 The configurations of insert materials

From: Implementation and experimental evaluation of Mega-voltage fan-beam CT using a linear accelerator

Config #1 (Gammex inserts) Config #2 (CIRS low-density inserts) Config #3 (CIRS bone inserts)
Adipose Adipose Bone 200 mg/cc
Brain Breast 50/50 Bone 800 mg/cc
Blood + Iodine (2 mg/cc) Liver Bone 1000 mg/cc
Blood + Iodine (4 mg/cc) Lung (Exhale) Bone 1250 mg/cc
Blood Lung (Inhale) Bone 1500 mg/cc
Breast 50/50 Muscle Bone 1750 mg/cc
Liver Plastic water  
Solid water