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Table 3 Average knock-on reductions in cardiac irradiation measures (II) made when other measures (I) were purposefully reduced, compared to average reductions made in the second measure (II) when it was purposefully reduced

From: Cardiac-sparing radiotherapy for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Measure I Measure II Average knock-on reduction in measure II Average purposeful reduction in measure II Ratio of average knock-on and purposeful reductions in measure II
MDHeart VHeart-50-Gy 2.34% 2.19% 1.07
MDHeart VLAwall-63-Gy 1.65% 2.43% 0.68
VHeart-50-Gy MDHeart 1.82 Gy 4.76 Gy 0.38
VHeart-50-Gy VLAwall-63-Gy 1.54% 2.43% 0.63
VLAwall-63-Gy MDHeart 0.55 Gy 4.76 Gy 0.12
VLAwall-63-Gy VHeart-50-Gy 0.77% 2.19% 0.35