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Table 2 Imaging parameters

From: Radiomics for prediction of radiation-induced lung injury and oncologic outcome after robotic stereotactic body radiotherapy of lung cancer: results from two independent institutions

  Training set Test set
CT scanner Aquilion LB-CT, Toshiba Brilliance 16, Philips
Slice thickness 1.0 mm 1.5 mm
Transversal resolution 0.93–1.37 mm 0.93–0.97 mm
Voltage 120KV 120KV
Current–time product 400mAs 400-450mAs
Image matrix 512 × 512 512 × 512
Reconstruction kernel FC17 B
Contrast agent None (84%), AccupaqueR 300 (16%)* None (100%)
  1. *No significant impact on GTV radiodensity