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Table 1 The management and patient procedures related to the different normal tissue complications, as well as the estimated total cost of the different parts of managing the complications or the cost of the related patient procedure

From: Individualized quality of life benefit and cost-effectiveness estimates of proton therapy for patients with oropharyngeal cancer

Normal tissue complication Management/patient procedure Estimated cost Reference
Oral mucositis (grade ≥ 3) or Esophagitis (grade ≥ 3) Fentanyl 25 μg/h patch (for 6 weeks) $168.8 NADAC database
Percocet 325 mg tablet (for 6 weeks) $1514.1 NADAC database
Mucositis cocktail (for 6 weeks) $37.0 NADAC database
Weekly IV hydration (for 4 weeks) $154.2 2019 Medicare Coding and Payment Report
PEG tube placement in 30% of cases $5686* Callahan et al. [18]
Emergency room visit in 15% of cases for oral mucositis and 10% of cases for esophagitis $2096 2018 Health Care Cost and Utilization Report
In patient hospitalization in 10% of cases $19,672 2018 Health Care Cost and Utilization Report
Loss of 1 month of work $2718 US Census Bureau Median per Capita Income 2014–2018
Dysphagia (grade ≥ 2) Chronic PEG tube in 10% of cases $18,836/year* Callahan et al. [18]
Stricture dilation in 16% of patients [14, 15] $1700 (based on average Medicare charges ranging from $1200 to $2200) (updated Aug 2018)
Hypothyroidism (elevated TSH with or without T4/T3 changes requiring hormone replacement) Levothyroxine hormone replacement $174.2/year (assuming 70 kg body weight) NADAC database
Xerostomia (grade ≥ 2) Pilocarpine 5 mg (for 10 weeks) $231 NADAC database
Cevimeline 30-45 mg (for 6 weeks) $251.4
  1. *Adjusted for inflation from 1998 costs presented in the referenced paper to 2018 dollars