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Table 2 Lesion characteristics and treatment parameters

From: Stereotactic radiosurgery combined with targeted/ immunotherapy in patients with melanoma brain metastasis

ParameterNumber of lesions absolute relative
Number of lesions with follow up ≥3 months52100%
Location of metastasis
 Others (basal ganglia, insular cortex, parahippocampal, parafalcin)713.5%
GTV to PTV margin (mm)
 2 mm2446.2%
 3 mm2853.8%
Prescribed dose (Gy)
Prescribed isodose (%)
Treatment planning software
 Oncentra Masterplan3057.7%
Fixation technique
 Frameless Brainlab mask917.3%
 Frameless double thermoplastic mask3873.1%
 Invasive fixed head frame59.6%
Targeted/ immunotherapy (TT/IT)
 Anti-PD1 + Anti-CTLA-41019.2%
 Triple combination23.8%
Application of TT/IT
 Before SRS (median: 9.5 days, range: 3-43 days)2446.2%
 Concurrent before SRS (median: 8 days, range: 3–21 days)2140.4%
 After SRS (median: 9 days, range: 2–97 days)3975.0%
 Concurrent after SRS (median: 8 days, range: 2–27 days)1528.8%
 Concurrent (4 weeks before or 4 weeks after SRS)3669.2%