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Table 1 Normal tissue complication parameters for the different models and endpoints applied in the study. The uncertainty values reported within brackets are derived from the original publications and correspond to 1 standard deviation

From: Intensity modulated proton therapy compared to volumetric modulated arc therapy in the irradiation of young female patients with hodgkin’s lymphoma. Assessment of risk of toxicity and secondary cancer induction

  Lyman model parametersPoisson-LQ model parameters 
OrganEndpointTD50, GynmD50,GySerialityRef
HeartDeath52.4 [49.1–57.1]1.30 [1.06–1.66]1 [−1.27]Gagliardi [16]
LungPneumonitis34.0 [nr]0.90 [nr]0.06 [nr]Seppenwoolde [17]
Pneumonitis grade ≥ 230.8 [27–38]0.99 [0.6–1.8]0.37 [0.30–0.46]Seppenwoolde [17]
Symptomatic or radiographic pneumonitis21.9 [13.2–30.6]0.80 [0.32–1.28]0.37 [0.17–0.57]Moiseenko [18]
Symptomatic fibrosis25.0 [17.0–32.0]0.85 [0.39–1.31]0.15 [0.09–0.21]Moiseenko [18]
EsophagusEsophagitis grade ≥ 251.0 [40.0–63.0]0.44 [0.25–0.79]0.32 [0.25–0.43]Chapet [19]
  1. nr not reported