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Table 2 Radiomics features derived from the two contours (VPETmax and VPET3mm) showing significant p values < 0.05 in the Log-rank test for the Kaplan–Meier curves of overall-survival (OS) and time-to-tumor-progression (TTP)

From: FET-PET radiomics in recurrent glioblastoma: prognostic value for outcome after re-irradiation?

   Correlation with overall survival (OS): p value   Correlation with time-to-progression (TTP): p value
Radiomics features extracted from VPETmax SUVmin 0.038 SZLGE 0.001
Busyness 0.006
WF_TS 0.012
QVarianceCM 0.029
Radiomics features extracted from VPET3mm SUVmean 0.041 Eccentricity 0.004
GLV 0.033   
GLV2 0.011   
WF_GLV 0.002   
QAcor 0.013   
QHGZE 0.013   
QSZHGE 0.013   
QGLN2 0.033   
QHGRE 0.008   
QSRHGE 0.008   
QLRHGE 0.008   
  1. Italics represent p values lower than the significance level lowered by Bonferroni multiple-test correction