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Table 1 Rectal radiotherapy indicators

From: Multicentre clinical radiotherapy audit in rectal cancer: results of the IROCA project

Diagnostic phase
% patients diagnosed at different hospital
% patients with pre-treatment MRI, pelvic ultrasound, thoraco–abdominal CT
% patients with TNM, MRI staging
Time between biopsy and first visit at RO
Time between first visit at RO department and beginning of radiotherapy
% patients evaluated pre-treatment in RO department clinical session
% patients presented to Multidisciplinary Tumour Board (MTB)
Treatment phase
% patients included in clinical trial
% patients Long Course Radiotherapy (LCRT)
% patients Short Course Radiotherapy (SCRT)
% patients with 3DCRT, VMAT, IMRT
% patients with simultaneous-integrated boost (SIB)
% patients immobilized
% patients completing treatment in the prescribed time
% patients with treatment interruption of EBRT, due to patient-related reasons, due to centre-related reasons, with dose compensation
Overall treatment time (time between first and last day of treatment)
% patients presented to the second MTB, to the MTB after surgery
% patients with restaging MRI, US pelvic, TNM
Pathology report
% patients with post-surgery ypT, ypN staging
% patients with adjuvant chemotherapy
Side effects
Acute (<  6 months) and chronic (≥ 6 months) adverse effects ≥ grade 3
% patients with rectitis, cystitis-urethritis, neutropenia, diarrhea
Patient follow up
Regular follow-up (≥ 2 visits per annum) after the treatment
% patients with relapse, mortality