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Table 1 Dose specification for reIMRT and reCIRT

From: Carbon ion reirradiation compared to intensity-modulated re-radiotherapy for recurrent head and neck cancer (CARE): a randomized controlled trial

Dose per fraction 2 Gy 3 Gy (RBE)
Total dose 54–60 Gy 51–60 Gy (RBE)
BED2Gya / 64–75 Gy
  1. Abbreviations: reIMRT intensity-modulated re-radiotherapy, reCIRT carbon ion reirradiation, CTV clinical target volume, RBE relative biological effectiveness, BED2Gy biological effective dose in 2 Gy fractions, acalculated according to the local effect model (LEM I) with an assumed alpha/beta of 2