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Table 2 PDAC related diagnostic aptamers

From: Aptamers: a novel targeted theranostic platform for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Name Target SELEX method Positive selection Negative selection Oligos Applications Model Ref.
M9–5 Cyclophilin B Secretome MiaPaCa-2 HPDE RNA biomarker detection Patients and [45]
KPC mice serum [44]
C14B AGR2 Protein AGR2-GST GST DNA probe generation In vitro [68]
SQ-2 ALPPL-2 Cell Panc-1 HPDE RNA biomarker detection In vitro [38]
Capan-1 biosensor generation [39]
BC-15 hnRNP A1 Tissue PDAC Adjacent normal tissue DNA CTCs detection Patients serum [46]
XQ-2d CD71 Cell PL45 hTERT-HPNE DNA biomarker detection In vitro [40]
Cy-5-labeled fluorescence imaging Xenograft model Human sections [93]
PL8 HPAC Cell PL45 TOV-21G DNA New biomarker detection In vitro [41]
Apt.1 CSCs Cell HPAC (CRL2119) HPDE DNA CSCs detection; In vitro [42]
Apt.146 CSCs Cell HPAC (CRL2119) HPDE DNA New biomarker detection In vitro [42]
Ap52 MAGE-A3 Peptide MAGE-A3111–125 None DNA Cy-3-labeled fluorescence imaging In vitro [49]
P19/P1 HPAC Cell PANC-1 Huh7 RNA Cy-3-labeled fluorescence imaging Human tumor tissue sections [55]
AP1153 CCKBR Peptides CCKBR peptides COS-1 DNA ICG labeled fluorescence imaging Orthotopic model [94]
Cell PANC-1
M17 MMP14 Cell 293 T-MMP14 cells 293 T cells DNA Cy-3-labeled fluorescence imaging Xenograft model [51]