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Table 3 Two-year overall survival, local progression-free survival, and distant-metastasis free survival rates for patients with lacrimal gland carcinoma, including factors affecting survival

From: Outcomes in patients with lacrimal gland carcinoma treated with definitive radiotherapy or eye-sparing surgery followed by adjuvant radiotherapy

 2-Y OS (%)P-value*2-Y LPFS (%)P-value*2-Y DMFS (%)P-value*
Sex (male vs. female)87.5 vs. 67.50.53387.5 vs. 67.50.53387.5 vs. 57.10.353
Age (< 54 vs. 54)85.7 vs. 55.60.52976.2 vs. 77.80.62175.0 vs. 66.70.331
T stage (T1–2 vs. T3–4)100.0 vs. 37.50.013100.0 vs.50.00.006100.0 vs. 37.50.002
RT dose (< 66 vs. 66 Gy)87.5 vs. 50.80.11463.5 vs. 88.90.46475.0 vs. 66.70.344
Cell types (ACC vs. others)87.5 vs. 50.00.51766.7 vs. 87.50.58177.8 vs. 66.70.914
Margin (positive vs. negative)75.5 vs. 50.00.4376.9 vs. 75.00.94469.2 vs. 80.00.76
PNI (positive vs. negative)66.7 vs. 71.40.43858.3 vs. 90.00.26458.3 vs. 80.00.583
LVSI (positive vs. negative)80.0 vs. 75.00.87980.0 vs. 75.00.87983.3 vs. 66.70.292
  1. *Log-rank test
  2. Y year, OS overall survival, LPFS local progression free survival, DMFS distant-metastasis free survival, RT radiotherapy, ACC adenoid cystic carcinoma, PNI perineural invasion, LVSI lymphovascular invasion