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Table 4 Univariable logistic regression analysis of risk factors for regional nodal recurrences superior to the ESTRO supraclavicular CTV (CTV4) or in the RADCOMP Posterior Neck CTV in patients who were treated for node-positive breast cancer (n = 33)

From: PET/CT of breast cancer regional nodal recurrences: an evaluation of contouring atlases

Baseline VariableOdds ratio95% confidence intervalp-value
Lymphovascular invasion*
 Yes vs No1.80.3–10.90.52
 3 vs 1 & 20.60.1–3.00.56
 III vs I & II3.30.4–29.00.28
Adjuvant regional nodal radiotherapy
 Yes vs No0.70.1–3.50.63
Type of relapse
 Metastatic & RNR vs RNR only0.60.1–3.00.56
  1. Abbreviation: RNR Regional nodal recurrence. *Unknowns removed before statistical analyses