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Table 6 Comparison of the two cohorts

From: Prognostic impact of the “Sekhar grading system for cranial Chordomas” in patients treated with pencil beam scanning proton therapy: an institutional analysis

 This study (n = 142)Sekhar (n = 42)
Age (years)42 (median)41 (mean)
GTR (%)1336
Follow-up (months)5150
Local recurrence (%)2419
LC (%)75 (at 5 y)81 (at 1 y)
OS (%)83 (at 5 y)100 (at 1 y)
  < 8 (%)2819
 8 to 12 (%)5955
  > 12 (%)1326
 TED (cm)3.4 (median)3.3 (mean)
 Number of sites involved3 (median)4.6 (mean)
 Vascular involvement (number of vessels)1 (median)na
 Intradural invasion (%)8773
 Treatment for recurrence (%)1540
  1. GTR gross total resection, LC local control, OS overall survival, SGSCC Sekhar Grading System for Cranial Chordoma, TED tumor equivalent diameter