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Table 2 Criteria for the SGSCC

From: Prognostic impact of the “Sekhar grading system for cranial Chordomas” in patients treated with pencil beam scanning proton therapy: an institutional analysis

Tumor size (TED)0–4 points
  < 2 cm1
 2 cm to 3.9 cm2
 4 cm to 5.9 cm3
  > 5.9 cm4
Tumor sites1 point each
 Upper clivus 
 Middle clivus 
 Lower clivus 
 Left petrous bone 
 Right petrous bone 
 Left cavernous sinus 
 Right cavernous sinus 
 C1/2/3 left 
 C1/2/3 right 
Vascular involvement1 point each
 Left carotid artery 
 Right carotid artery 
 Basilar artery 
 Left vertebral artery 
 Right vertebral artery 
Intradural invasion0–2 points
 With brainstem compression2
Recurrence after prior treatment0–5 points
 After surgery2
 After RT3
 After Surgery and RT5
  1. TED tumor equivalent diameter, C1/2/3 cervical vertebrae 1–3, RT radiotherapy