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Table 5 Patients and tumor characteristics of the selected studies Melanoma and Immunotherapy

From: Oligometastasis and local ablation in the era of systemic targeted and immunotherapy

(year of publication)
N of pts underwent SBRTType of studyPrimary tumorN of mts underwent to SBRTType of Oligometases and organ involvedMedian total dose per fractionBEDSystemic TherapyMts size (cm),
Gabani 2018 [35]77 (288 received RT generically)retrospectiveMelanoma Extracranial (bone, soft tissues, lung..)30 Gy (5fx) Ipi, Pembro, Nivo, Il-2, VaccinesN/A
Stera 2018
48a (35 received ICI)retrospectiveMelanoma250Brain, Extracranial (32pts.)18 GyBED10
50.4 Gy
ICI, BRAFi0.23 cm3 (per lesion)
Liniker 2016
35retrospectiveMelanoma Brain or Extracranial  Anti-PD1 
Qin 2015 [32]21retrospectiveMelanomaN.S.Brain  Ipi 
Diao 2018 [33]51bretrospectiveMelanoma155Brain20 Gy Ipi0.27 cm3
Anderson 2017
18 (11 SRS + 7 hypoRT)retrospectiveMelanoma23Brain20 Gy (1) < 2 cm;
18 Gy(1)
< 3 cm;
> 3 cm
 Pembro1 cm (SRS)
Chen 2017 [15]260 (70 melanoma pts.d.)retrospectiveNSCLC, RCC, Melanoma623 (total)Brain20 Gy Anti PD-1,
Anti Ctla4
Chandra 2015
47cretrospectivemelanoma18Brain20Gy  4 cm
  1. aincluding also pts. treated with BRAFi
  2. b23 concurrently, 28 sequentially
  3. cincluding pts. receiving non SRS/RT
  4. dincluding those treated with WBRT