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Table 4 Clinical outcomes by the selected studies

From: Oligometastasis and local ablation in the era of systemic targeted and immunotherapy

(year of publication) [reference]
Local ControlDistant progression free survivalOverall SurvivalToxicity
Weickhardt et al. (2012) [29]N.S.6.2 monthsN.S.2 ≥ G3
Iyengar et al. (2014) [23]N.S.14.7 months20.4 months2 > G3
Borghetti et al. (2019) [25]N.S.N.S.23 months0 > G3
Qiu et al. (2017) [24]81.4%7 months35 months2 > G3
Rossi et al. (2019) [26]N.S.13.8 months35 monthsN.S.
Weiss et al. (2019) [30]N.S.6 months29 monthsN.S.
Chan OSH et al. (2018) [31]N.S.15 monthsN.S.0 > G3
Xu et al. (2018) [27]N.S.20.6 months40.9 months14% > G3