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Table 3 Patients and tumor characteristics of the selected studies

From: Oligometastasis and local ablation in the era of systemic targeted and immunotherapy

(year of publication) [reference]
Number of patients underwent SBRTType of StudyPrimary Tumor siteNumber of metastases underwent to SBRT (upper limit)Type of oligometastases and organ involved (liver, lung, bone, nodes, brain…)Metastases size
(median total dose/fraction)
Biologically equivalent dose (Median value)Systemic Therapy
Weickhardt et al. (2012) [29]25RetrospectiveNSCLC<=4Oligoprogressive (Brain,Lung)N.S.15–54Gy, median 40GyN.S.Crizotinib, Erlotinib
Iyengar et al. (2014) [23]24 (52 lesions)Phase IINSCLC<=3Oligorecurrent (Lung; Liver;
Kidney; Bone;
Borghetti et al. (2019) [25]49RetrospectiveNSCLC<=4Oligoprogressive (Brain, Lung, Bone)N.S.mean 80 Gy, range 60–178 Gy> 60N.S.
Qiu et al. (2017) [24]46RetrospectiveNSCLC< 5OligoprogressiveN.S.N.S.N.S.N.S.
Rossi et al. (2019) [26]30RetrospectiveNSCLCN.S.OligoprogressiveN.S.N.S.N.S.Afatinib, Gefitinib
Weiss et al. (2019) [30]25RetrospectiveNSCLCN.S.OligoprogressiveN.S.N.S.N.S.Erlotinib
Chan OSH et al. (2018) [31]18Phase IINSCLC34OligoprogressiveN.S.N.S.N.S.TKI therapy
Xu et al. (2018) [27]51RetrospectiveNSCLCN.S.OligoprogressiveN.S.27–21–33-37.5/1–1–3-565.8Gefitinib, Erlotinib, Icotinib