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Table 2 Characteristics of the included studies

From: Efficacy of adjuvant radiotherapy for treatment of adrenocortical carcinoma: a retrospective study and an updated meta-analysis

Study, yearCountryStudy typesAge (RT vs non-RT, years)Gender (LS vs RT, male %)RT participantsNon-RT participantsDisease stageMedian follow-up
(RT vs non-RT, month)
Fassnacht, 2006 [9]GermanyRetrospective43 vs 48N/A1414I, II, III and IV37
Habra, 2013 [10]AmericaRetrospective48 vs 4437.5 vs 34.41632II and III22.1 vs 32.2
Sabolch, 2015 [11]AmericaRetrospective49.5 vs 42.350 vs 252020II and III34
Srougi, 2017 [12]BrazilRetrospective40 vs 3840 vs 101010N/A32 vs 35
Gharzai, 2019 [13]AmericaRetrospective44.9 vs 47.146.2 vs 46.23939I, II, III and IV50.5
Zhu, 2020ChinaRetrospective43.4 vs 42.941.7 vs 47.11212I, II, III and IV23 vs 37