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Table 6 Comparison of safety and efficacy of radiotherapy studies for the treatment of olfactory groove meningiomas

From: Indications, feasibility, safety, and efficacy of CyberKnife radiotherapy for the treatment of olfactory groove meningiomas: a single institutional retrospective series

StudyNo. of PatientsMedian Age (yrs), (range)RT TechniqueDeterioration in Olfaction post-RT (%)Deterioration in Vision post-RT (%)Tumor Control (%)Patients with Tumor Reduction (%)Median Follow-up (mos.),(range)
Zaorsky et al. 2014 [6]1457 (50–73)SRS & FSRT using GK or LINAC014.31002164 (21–125)
Gande et al. 2014 [5]4158 (40–87)SRS Using GK07.3953276 (7–194)
Present Study1271.2 (47–88)SRS, HSRT, & FSRT Using CKRT001005048 (9–106)