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Table 2 Characteristics of the local relapses

From: Tumor burden and location as prognostic factors in patients treated by iodine seed implant brachytherapy for localized prostate cancers

 Initial tumor location on biopsiesInitial tumor location on MRIInitial percentage of positive biopsiesTime to relapseTumor location at relapsePercentage of positive biopsies at relapse
Patient 1Left apexNone8%18 monthsLeft lobe (MRI)NA
Patient 2NABase and midgland8%36 monthsLeft apex (MRI)NA
Patient 3Right midglandMidgland8%43 monthsLeft base and seminal vesicle (prostatectomy)NA
Patient 4Left and right midglands and basesMidgland16%30 monthsApex (choline PET/CT)NA
Patient 5Left and right bases and apexes, left midglandNone38%91 monthsAll sextants, right seminal vesicle (biopsies)72%
Patient 6Left apex, right baseBase, midgland and apex43%44 monthsRight lobe (MRI)0%
Patient 7Right base, left and right midglands and apexesNone58%54 monthsRight base (biopsies)12%
  1. Abbreviations: NA Not available