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Table 1 Summary of patients with primary mast cell disorders who were treated with external beam radiation therapy. T = Thoracic, L = Lumbar, SI = Sacroiliac, EBRT = external beam radiation therapy

From: Idiopathic mast cell activation syndrome and radiation therapy: a case study, literature review, and discussion of mast cell disorders and radiotherapy

Author, DateLocationDose and FractionOutcome
Janjan, 1992Extensive disease in the T-L spine and bilateral SI joints (T8-SI joints treated)30 Gy in 11 fractions, split courseImprovement in pain.
No systemic reaction.
Trended serum histamine levels during EBRT demonstrated no elevation.
Johnstone, 1994T12/L1 cord compression and painful left shoulder lesion30 Gy in 10 fractions, both sitesModerate improvement in pain.
No systemic reaction.
Johnstone, 1994Bilateral lower extremity lesions30 Gy in 15 fractionsMarked pain relief.
Mild thrombocytopenia.
No systemic reaction.
Harrison, 1994Multifocal disease: T7–11, L2–5, and SI joints.20 Gy in 5 fractionsTransient improvement in pain and increased mobility prior to disease progression.
No systemic reaction.
Hesselmann, 2001Multifocal disease: hands, knees, left humerus, right shoulder.40 Gy in 16–20 fractionsNo clinical or hematologic adverse events. No systemic reaction.