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Table 3 Multivariate analysis for the overall survival

From: Prognostic impact of pathological complete remission after preoperative irradiation in patients with locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: re-analysis of a phase 3 clinical study

 BSEpHR (95% CI)
Gendermale vs female−.816.5610.1460.442 (0.147–1.327)
Age≤55 vs >55.359.4250.3991.431 (0.622–3.294)
Primary sitehypopharyngeal carcinoma/laryngeal carcinoma vs other primary sites1.024.4310.0182.783 (1.196–6.476)
Degree of pathological differentiationWell/modarate vs poor differentiaon / undifferentiation1.833.5430.0016.254 (2.157–18.129)
T stageT4 vs T1–3.406.4410.3571.501 (0.633–3.564)
N stageN0 vs N1–2 vs N31.511.4890.0024.532 (1.737–11.824)
Technology of radiation2D vs IMRT−.256.5720.6540.774 (0.252–2.376)
ChemotherapyNo vs Yes−.596.4190.1550.551 (0.242–1.252)
pCRYes vs No2.460.6940.00011.71 (3.003–45.663)