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Table 2 Multivariate analysis for the local control

From: Prognostic impact of pathological complete remission after preoperative irradiation in patients with locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: re-analysis of a phase 3 clinical study

 BSEpHR (95% CI)
Gendermale vs female−.181.7020.7970.835 (0.211–3.304)
Age≤55 vs >551.263.7300.0843.535 (0.845–14.792)
Primary sitehypopharyngeal carcinoma/laryngeal carcinoma vs other primary sites3.114.8470.00022.503 (4.279–118.346)
Degree of pathological differentiationWell/modarate vs poor differentiaon / undifferentiation3.036.9140.00120.828 (3.476–124.821)
T stageT4 vs T1–3−1.782.7570.0190.168 (0.038–0.743)
N stageN0 vs N1–2 vs N32.445.8090.00311.527 (2.361–56.271)
Technology of radiation2D vs IMRT.334.9710.7311.396 (0.208–9.359)
ChemotherapyNo vs Yes−.182.5920.7580.833 (0.261–2.662)
pCRYes vs No4.0041.2900.00254.839 (4.373–687.660)