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Fig. 2

From: Benchmarking techniques for stereotactic body radiotherapy for early-stage glottic laryngeal cancer: LINAC-based non-coplanar VMAT vs. Cyberknife planning

Fig. 2

(a) CT slice of an example larynx SBRT patient, where the PTV contour covers a considerable amount of air cavity. (b) Our in-house larynx wax phantom used for dose measurement and dose accuracy validation/comparison. (c) Mapping of a larynx SBRT plan onto the larynx phantom and the corresponding dose distribution calculated by AXB. (d) Dose distribution measured by the EBT3 film. The film was sandwiched between the phantom slabs at the slice location of (c). (e) 2D dose difference map for the Eclipse AAA algorithm. The brighter pixels indicate larger dose differences, as shown by the color bar. (f) 2D dose difference map for the Eclipse AXB algorithm. The PTV contour was overlaid onto both (e) and (f). The difference maps (without underlying CTs) were attached at the lower-left corners of (e) and (f)

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