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Fig. 2

From: Adaptive radiotherapy for head and neck cancer reduces the requirement for rescans during treatment due to spinal cord dose

Fig. 2

Spinal cord dose increases for the patients in this study. a shows the frequency distribution of the differences in spinal cord D0.1cc doses between pCT and rCT. The majority of patients experience a small change in spinal cord dose. The distribution is skewed by a small number of patients showing a large increase in D0.1cc. b shows the changing doses for each patient between the pCT and the rCT. The pCT dose is in grey with a solid outline and the rCT dose shown as a stacked light grey bar with a dashed outline. For the patients whose D0.1cc to spinal cord was reduced at the rCT with respect to the pCT, the decrease is shown as a dark outline over the initial pCT dose

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