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Table 1 Institutional time trends for left-sided breast radiotherapy

From: Impact of patient and treatment characteristics on heart and lung dose in adjuvant radiotherapy for left-sided breast cancer

   2013–2014 2015–2016 2017–2018
Patients   108 131 93
Rate of LN-RT   25.0% 35.1% 40.9%
Rate of IMRT/VMAT use  Total (n = 332) 5.6% 21.4% 80.7%
   Treatment with LN-RT (n = 111) 22.2% 43.5% 94.7%
   Treatment without LN-RT (n = 221) 0.0% 9.4% 70.9%
  1. Institutional time trends observed for delivery of left-sided breast radiotherapy. A marked increase in both regional LN-RT, and the use of IMRT/VMAT, was observed during the period of our study. Although mostly used for treatments involving regional LN-RT, IMRT/VMAT also became a common delivery technique for left-sided breast or chest wall RT, due to presumed benefits for dose homogeneity and conformity
  2. Abbreviations: LN-RT lymph node radiotherapy; IMRT intensity-modulated radiation therapy; VMA, volumetric modulated arc therapy