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Table 2 Comparing the differences in moisture of the skin with or without prophylactic using NS-21 before and after treatment

From: Prophylactic NS-21 maintains the skin moisture but does not reduce the severity of radiation dermatitis in patients with head and neck cancer: a randomized control trial

Characteristic Study group
(n = 15)
Control group
(n = 15)
 Baseline, Median (P25-P75) 33.00 (23.70–47.58) 33.20 (17.80–36.98) 0.713a
 The last time of treatment, median (P25-P75) 30.60 (27.45–32.47) 27.28 (17.80–29.80) 0.013a
  1. (a: Mann-Whitney U test)
  2. Abbreviation: P25 25th percentile, P75 75th percentile