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Fig. 2

From: Novel stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT)-based partial tumor irradiation targeting hypoxic segment of bulky tumors (SBRT-PATHY): improvement of the radiotherapy outcome by exploiting the bystander and abscopal effects

Fig. 2

DEFINITION OF THE BYSTANDER TUMOR VOLUME (BTV): The figure summarizes the radiobiology of the bystander effect-induction by SBRT-PATHY. An 18F-FDG PET combined with a contrast-enhanced CT was used for the definition of BTV (smaller yellow contour), which corresponds to the junctional region between the central necrotic segment (black region) and the contrast-enhanced, hypermetabolic peripheral tumor (red contour, not targeted for irradiation). The red arrows represent “anti-angiogenic bystander signal” (blue pellets) released by the irradiated hypoxic tumor, inducing the regression of the non-targeted tumor

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