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Table 3 The mean values of doses to thoracic OARs of all patients (GyE)

From: Early stage non-small cell lung cancer treated with pencil beam scanning particle therapy: retrospective analysis of early results on safety and efficacy

  MLD Lungs V5 (%) Lungs V20 (%) MHD MED Dmax of Eso Dmax of SC Dmax of MBT
Mean 6.31 18.42 11.13 1.88 4.24 29.28 13.65 46.01
SD 2.80 7.45 5.77 2.56 5.58 25.65 14.12 29.06
  1. Abbreviations: MLD Mean lung dose, V5/V20 The volume of lung parenchyma that received 5/20 Gy or more, MHD Mean heart dose, MED Mean esophageal dose, Dmax Maximum dose, Eso Esophagus, SC Spinal cord, MBT Main bronchus tree, SD Standard deviation