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Table 1 Characteristics of patients

From: Early stage non-small cell lung cancer treated with pencil beam scanning particle therapy: retrospective analysis of early results on safety and efficacy

  Number of Patients
Age (year) 71 (50~80)
 Male 20
 Female 11
ECOG score
 0/1 19/12
 SCC/Adno/ Unclassified/None 7/14/4/6
Primary tumor size, median (range) 3.1 (1.1~4.7) cm
Primary tumor volume, median (range) 19.39  (0.97~56.23) cm3
Stage (AJCC staging v7) I/IIa 21/10
 T1aN0M0 4
 T1bN0M0 7
 T2aN0M0 10
 T1aN1M0 1
 T1bN1M0 4
 T2aN1M0 5
Tumor location
 Left/right lung 9/22
 Upper/middle/lower lobe 19/2/10
 Peripheral/median/central type-SPHIC institutional definition 3/15/13
Smoking history (packyears), median (range) 15 (0~150)
Refusal of surgery 8
Medically inoperable 23
  1. Abbreviations: ECOG Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, SCC Squamous cell carcinoma, Adno Adenocarcinoma, GTV Gross tumor volume, AJCC American Joint Committee on Cancer, SPHIC Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center