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Table 2 Overview of beam configurations and list of comparisons. Varying beam configurations are displayed on the left part: Single, double and two single arc types, full and partial arc length and different collimator positions were defined and used for comparison. The corresponding list of comparison between the different beam configurations is displayed on the right part

From: Impact of beam configuration on VMAT plan quality for Pinnacle3Auto-Planning for head and neck cases

Name Arc type Arc length Collimator position List of comparisons
V1C15 Single arc Full 15° 1. V2C15 vs. V1 C15
V2C15 Double arc Full 15° 2. V2C15 vs. 2V1C15
V2C15_Part Double arc Partial 15° 3. V2C15 vs. V2C15_Part
V2C15 Double arc Full 15° 4. V2C15 vs. V2C40
V2C40 Double arc Full 40° 5. V2C15 vs. V2C60
V2C60 Double arc Full 60° 6. V2C15 vs. 2V1C15_60
2V1C15 Two single arcs Full 15°, 15° 7. V2C15 vs. 2V1C15_345
2V1C15_60 Two single arcs Full 15°, 60° 8. 2V1C15_60 vs. 2V1C15_345
2V1C15_345 Two single arcs Full 15°, 345°  
  1. Note: Single arc with collimator 15° (V1C15), Full double arc with collimator 15° (V2C15), partial arcs (V2C15_Part), Two single arcs with different collimator positions (A and B) (2V1CA_CB), Partial arc with collimator 15° (V2C15_Part)