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Fig. 1

From: Transportable system enabling multiple irradiation studies under simultaneous hypoxia in vitro

Fig. 1

Structure and functionality of the Minihypoxy system. a A schematic diagram of the detailed structure of the system. The system consists of a refillable gas cylinder, a 6-well flow divider, a heater and a temperature controller, and six 1-well culture chambers (Minihypoxy chambers) made from polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). b A picture of the Minihypoxy system, the 6-well flow divider and the Minihypoxy culture chamber on a glass substrate (1) with a lid (2) and a cover (3). c Dynamic response in the Minihypoxy culture chamber to descending and ascending oxygen level. The responses were tested on three different oxygen concentrations: 5% O2 (black line), 1% O2 (red line) and 0% O2 (blue line). Ascending oxygen level was reached by disconnecting the gas supply. The 1% O2 curve shows also the response to three short gas supply cut-offs

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