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Table 1 Patient, tumor and treatment characteristics

From: Comparison of different treatment planning approaches for intensity-modulated proton therapy with simultaneous integrated boost for pancreatic cancer

Patient Gender Primary tumor location TN Classification Treatment intent Resection of duodenum Volume [ccm] OARs within or immediately adjacent to targets
1 M head pT3 pN0 primary yes 25.4 204.4 Small bowel, large bowel, liver, left kidney
2 M head pT2 pN0 primary yes 89.9 286.3 Small bowel
3 F head cT3 cN0 primary yes 58.2 144.2 Small bowel, liver
4 M body cT4 cN1 primary no 123.0 356.7 Duodenum, small bowel, liver, large bowel
5 M body + tail pT3 pN0 adjuvant
(individualized treatment)
no 39.0 577.3 Duodenum, small bowel, liver, stomach, large bowel
6 M body cT4 cN1 primary no 90.7 197.7 Duodenum, small bowel, stomach, large bowel