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Fig. 1

From: Molecular signature of response to preoperative radiotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer

Fig. 1

a Infographic summarizing treatment protocol and sample collection of locally advanced breast cancer patients treated at the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia between 1997 and 2000 (IORS-LABC cohort). The IORS-LABC cohort included 134 patients who had initial biopsy taken before any treatment, followed by radiotherapy and radical mastectomy. Exceeding tumour material was formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded (FFPE) and stored at room temperature. b Flowchart representing the study outline for sample processing, quality control, data analysis and biomarker validation. FFPE samples were review by a pathologist to select those with > 70% of tumour material, retaining 118 pre-RT biopsy tumour samples (a) and 21 post-RT tumour samples (b). These samples were split into discovery (NA = 22 pre-RT and NB = 21 post-RT) and validation (NA = 96) subsets. After quality control of extracted RNA only 23 samples from the discovery subset were selected for microarray hybridization (NA = 18 and NB = 5), of which only 14 (NA = 11 and NB = 3) passed data quality control. Out of 96 pre-RT samples designated for validation, only 60 had passed RNA quality control and were used for qRT-PCR. Of those, 42 samples passed data quality control and were retained for the downstream analysis

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