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Table 3 Scale structure for the proposed EORTC QLQ PRT20 module

From: International validation of the EORTC QLQ-PRT20 module for assessment of quality of life symptoms relating to radiation proctitis: a phase IV study

Scale Question
 Bloating and Gas Q31. Have you had a bloated feeling in your abdomen?
 Bloating and Gas Q32. Were you troubled by passing wind / gas / flatulence?
 Bloating and Gas Q33. Have you had excessive gurgling noise from your abdomen?
 Leakage Q34. Have you had any unintentional release (leakage) of wind or mucous?
 Leakage Q35. Have you had any unintentional release (leakage) of liquid stools?
 Bowel Control Q36. Have you needed to get up at night to open your bowels?
 Bloating and Gas Q37. Have you had abdominal pain or cramping not related to a bowel movement?
 Pain Q38. Have you had pain or cramping in your rectum (deep inside the back passage)?
 Pain Q39. Have you had pain /discomfort around your anal opening (back passage)?
 Pain Q40. Have you had bright blood in your stools?
 Bowel Control Q42. Have you been unable to wait 15 min to open your bowels?
 Bowel Control Q43. Have you had the feeling of being unable to completely empty your bowels?
 Bowel Control Q44. Does passing water cause your bowels to act immediately?
 Emotional Function/Lifestyle Q46. Have you had difficulty going out of the house, because you needed to be close to a toilet, because of bowel problems?
 Emotional Function/Lifestyle Q48. Did your treatment restrict the types of food you can eat due to your bowel problems?
 Emotional Function/Lifestyle Q49. Did you worry about your bowel problem?
 Emotional Function/Lifestyle Q50. Did you feel embarrassed by your bowel problem?
 Emotional Function/Lifestyle Q51. How unhappy would you feel if you lived the rest of your life with your bowel habit as it is now?
Single Item questions – not included in item scale testing
 Diarrhoea Medication (Single item) Q52. Have you needed to take medication to control diarrhoea?
 Bowel openings in 24 h (Single item) Q53. What was the highest number of times you had to open your bowels in any 24 h period? Please indicate number in box
 Requesting more assistance (Single item) Q54. Would you like more assistance to manage your bowel problem? (optional question)