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Table 2 Summary of radiotherapy parameters for the included studies

From: Feasibility of ipsilateral lower neck sparing irradiation for unilateral or bilateral neck node-negative nasopharyngeal carcinoma: systemic review and meta-analysis of 2, 521 patients

Study/year Arms Technique Radiotherapy parameters
Li/2013 [27] Arms1&2 2D-RT, IMRT 70Gy (2Gy/fx) 50Gy (2Gy/fx) CTV: 70Gy (2Gy/fx)
Chen/2014 [26] Arms1&2 IMRT 68Gy (2.27Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk) 54Gy (1.8Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk) 60Gy (2Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk) 54Gy (1.8Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk)
Xie/2010 [30] Arm1 2D-RT 71.64Gy 51.8Gy NR NR
Arm2 2D-RT 72.52Gy 52.26Gy NR NR
Ou/2012 [29] Arm1 2D-RT, 3D-CRT, IMRT GTV: 66.0–70.4Gy/30-32fx; CTV: 60Gy/30-32fx
Arm2 2D-RT 70-76Gy (2Gy/fx); 50-62Gy (1.8–2.0Gy/fx) NR NR
Tang/2017 [24] Arms1&2 IMRT 66-72Gy (2.12–2.43Gy/fx) 64-70Gy/28-33fx 60-63Gy/(28-33fx) 54-56Gy/(28-33fx)
Zeng/2014 [25] Arms1&2 IMRT 68Gy (2.27Gy/fx) 60Gy (2Gy/fx) 60Gy (2Gy/fx) 54Gy (1.8Gy/fx)
Li/2005 [31] Arm1 2D-RT 70.1Gy (2Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk) 52.9Gy (2Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk) NR NR
Arm2 2D-RT 70.4Gy (2Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk) 53.4Gy (2Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk) NR NR
Tang/2009 [10] Arms1&2 2D-RT, 3D-CRT, IMRT NR NR NR NR
Sun/2012 [28] Arms1&2 2D-RT, 3D-CRT, IMRT 70Gy (2Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk) 50Gy (2Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk) CTV: 50Gy (2Gy/fx/d, 5fx/wk)
  1. Abbreviations: 2D-RT two-dimensional radiotherapy, IMRT intensity-modulated radiotherapy, 3D-CRT three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy, GTVnx primary gross tumor volume, GTVnd gross tumor volume of involved lymph nodes, CTV1 high-risk clinical target volume, CTV2 low-risk clinical target volume, fx fraction, d day, wk. week, NR not reported