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Table 3 Quality of radiotherapy reporting. The quality measures are shown on the left column and the number and percentage of trials which reported that quality measure adequately shown on the right columns. This shows that the reporting of the quality measures were variable. Almost all trials reported target volume definition, radiation dose specification and fractionation specification adequately. Only one third of all trials reported OAR constraints, simulation procedures, and QA adherence reporting for RT adequately

From: Quality of radiotherapy reporting in randomized controlled trials of prostate cancer

Quality Measures No. of trials which reported the quality measure adequately % of trials which reported the quality measure adequately
Target volume definition 57 97
Radiation dose specification 58 99
Fractionation specification 57 98
Radiation prescription point specification 37 63
Description of Dose planning procedure 47 80
Organs at risk (OAR) constraints 20 34
Simulation procedures 21 36
Verification procedures 27 46
QA process for RT 24 41
QA process adherence reporting for RT 17 29