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Table 1 The Key Descriptors (quality measures) and the corresponding definition for adequacy. Ten Key Descriptors are described: Target volume definition, definition of dose planning procedures, radiation dose specification, fractionation specification, radiation prescription point specification, OAR constraints, simulation procedures, verification procedures, QA process for RT, QA process adherence reporting for RT

From: Quality of radiotherapy reporting in randomized controlled trials of prostate cancer

Key descriptors Adequacy definition
Target volume definition Define the Clinical Target Volume at least
Description of dose planning procedure Must describe if inverse/forward planned, static IMRT vs dynamic/arc therapy
Radiation dose specification Describe total dose and dose per fraction in centigray, Gray or rads
Fractionation specification Describe the number and timing of fractions administered
Radiation prescription point specification Describe the depth of radiation prescription point (for 3D conformal RT technique) or volume based dose prescription (for intensity modulated or Arc RT technique)
OAR constraints Report OAR constraints
Simulation procedures Report setup position or any rectal and bowel preparation
Verification procedures Report the use of any verification procedures such as cone beam CT, EPI (electronic portal imaging), tracking
QA process for RT Report the use of QA process for RT delivery
QA process adherence reporting for RT Define deviations from protocol in RT delivery