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Table 1 Imaging parameters of the sequences used for gold FM manual localisation: the second column provides the details for the balanced steady-state free precession (bSSFP) sequence, the third column for the radio frequency spoiled gradient-recalled echo (SPGR) sequence acquired right after the bSSFP and the fourth column for the gradient-recalled echo (GRE) sequence acquired at the end of the examination

From: Evaluation of gold fiducial marker manual localisation for magnetic resonance-only prostate radiotherapy

Imaging parameters bSSFP SPGR GRE
TE1/(TE2)/TR [ms] 1.98/3.96 1.4/2.7/4.4 1.4/2.7/4.6
Flip Angle [°] 40 10 10
FOVa [mm3] 250x250x90 467x467x300 449x449x90
Acquisition Matrixa 252x234x90 312x314x200 376x376x75
Reconstruction Matrixa 512x512x90 320x320x200 400x400x75
Reconstructed Voxela [mm3] 0.5x0.5x1.0 1.5x1.5x1.5 1.1x1.1x1.2
Bandwidth [Hz/voxel] 945 1078 1142
Readout direction AP AP AP
Acquisition time 4 min 29 s 4 min 1 s 2 min 10 s
  1. aexpressed in terms of anterior-posterior, right-left and superior-inferior directions
  2. The term FOV refers to field of view, AP to anterior-posterior