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Table 2 Correlations between the change rates of parotid T2 or FF values and parotid atrophy rates or mean radiation dose during radiotherapy

From: Early evaluation of radiation-induced parotid damage in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma by T2 mapping and mDIXON Quant imaging: initial findings

  RV Mean radiation dose
  r P value r P value
 RT2 0.092 0.525 0.087 0.530
 RFF 0.038 0.820 0.121 0.591
 RT2 0.313 0.027a −0.106 0.444
 RFF −0.029 0.863 −0.419 0.052
  1. Note: Pre-RT within 2 weeks before radiotherapy, mid-RT 5 weeks after the beginning of radiotherapy, post-RT 4 weeks after radiotherapy. RV, RT2 and RFF are the change rates of parotid volume, T2 value and fat fraction (FF) compared with pre-RT, respectively. a P < 0.05 with Pearson’s correlation test