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Table 3 Prevalence of side effects in 3D–PNCT-assisted 125I seed implantation salvage treatment for recurrent malignant tumors of the head and neck

From: Side effects of CT-guided implantation of 125I seeds for recurrent malignant tumors of the head and neck assisted by 3D printing non co-planar template

  Cases Percentage
Puncture-related adverse reaction
 Bleeding 0  
 Increased pain 1 2.4%
 Infection 0  
 Skin non-union 0  
 Implantation metastasis 0  
Radiation-related adverse reaction
 Early skin reaction   
  I 3 7.2%
  II 0  
  III 0  
  IV 0  
 Late skin reaction 0  
 Early mucosal reaction   
  I 1 2.4%
  II 2 4.8%
  III 0  
  IV 0  
 Late skin reaction 0  
 Blood toxicity 0  
 Increased xerostomia 0  
 Radiation myelitis 0  
 Radiation-based nerve injury 1a 2.4%
Movement of radioactive seeds 0  
  1. aTumor invasion of the brachial plexus and weak lifting force (strength level = IV). Three months after surgery, the tumor nearly disappeared, but the neurologic symptoms were aggravated, the abnormal sensation was more obvious than before, and the force was weaker (level III). The nerve reaction worsened from level II (preoperative) to level III (postoperative) (CTC v4.0). Thus, we speculated that it was more likely to be a radiation-based nerve injury