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Table 4 Overview of adapted plans, the respective adaptation criteria and the fraction number of the control CT in which the adaptation demand was found

From: Impact of robust treatment planning on single- and multi-field optimized plans for proton beam therapy of unilateral head and neck target volumes

Patient Plan Adaptation criteria Fraction
2 MFORob ΔD98% (low-risk CTV) 24
  SFORob ΔD98% (low-risk CTV) 24
3 MFOPTV ΔD2% (high-risk CTV) 6
  SFOPTV ΔD98% (low-risk CTV) 23
  SFORob ΔD98% (low-risk CTV) 23
5 MFOPTV ΔD2% (high-risk CTV) 17
6 MFORob ΔD98% (high-risk CTV) 25
  SFOPTV ΔD98% (high-risk CTV) 25
  SFORob ΔD98% (high-risk CTV) 25