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Table 5 Multivariate analysis of different influencing factors (in the first column), with the motor outcomes and complications (in the first row)

From: Early motor function after local treatment of brain metastases in the motor cortex region with stereotactic radiotherapy/radiosurgery or microsurgical resection: a retrospective study of two consecutive cohorts

  Overall complication rate Systemic complication rate Local complication rate Motoric improvement Motoric deterioration Dexamethasone daily doses
MRS vs SRS/SRT p < 0.02 (correlates with SRS/SRT) p < 0.05 (correlates with MRS) p < 0.04 (correlates with SRS/SRT)
Age p~0.05 * (correlates with higher age)
Tumor Volume p < 0.03 (correlates with higher volume) p < 0.01 (correlates with higher volume)
KPI p < 0.01 (correlates with lower KPI)
Located at the precentral gyrus vs adjacent to precentral gyrus p < 0.07 (correlates with location adjacent to precentral gyrus)
Dexamethasone daily doses X
  1. * a p value that was not constant in the different regression analysis models and x mark a factor of influence which was not taken in account for the regression analysis of this certain outcome. Non-significant p-values were marked with (−)
  2. SRT/SRS Stereotactic radiotherapy or radiosurgery, MRS Microsurgery, KPI Karnofsky performance index