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Fig. 4

From: First intraindividual comparison of contrast-enhanced MRI, FET- and DOTATOC- PET in patients with intracranial meningiomas

Fig. 4

Delineated GTVs of three more patients based on CT and MRI (blue), DOTATOC-PET (purple) or FET-PET (yellow): Meningioma and parts of the neighbouring brain tissue show similar uptake in FET-PET (A + C). A group of three small meningiomas next to the dorsal left cerebellar hemisphere is well visible in MRI and DOTATOC-PET but shows no uptake of FET (a). An extracranial branch of the meningioma is not visible in FET-PET since it is neighbouring muscular structures (b). The FET-PET clearly shows the complete tumour infiltration of the pituitary gland but also a strong uptake at the sagittal venous sinus and temporal muscles (c)

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