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Fig. 3

From: Biomarkers of resistance to radiation therapy: a prospective study in cervical carcinoma

Fig. 3

Multi-Correspondence Analysis (n = 71 patients included, for which all information was available). Legend: A: Type of treatment: Radiochemotherapy (1) and Radiotherapy (0); B: Survivin; C: IGF1R-β; D: IGF1R-α; E: GLUT1; F: HIF1-α; G: CAIX. For these: expression was Strong (1) or Negative (0); Hemoglobin (Hb): Hb > 11 g/dL (1); Hb ≤ 11d/dL (0); R0: non-responders; R1: Responders; GS.0: Alive GS1: Death PFS.0: No relapse PFS.1: Relapse

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